Integrative Neuroscience of Cognition and Aging

We investigate the function, structure and vulnerabilities of the cholinergic system.

  • 5/30 New Publication

    "Spatial topography of the basal forebrain cholinergic projections: Organization and vulnerability to degeneration"

    New Book Chapter with Laszlo Zaborszky is coming out in the Handbook of Clinical Neurology

  • 6/1 Lab News

    The lab welcomes DUROP and USRI summer students Baha Helal and Jessie Tu

The INCAlab is located in the Western Interdisciplinary Research Building at Western University (London, Canada). Our projects involve collaborations with researchers at the Robarts Research Institute, Centre For Functional and Metabolic Mapping, and the Lawson Health Research Institute . If you are interested in joining the lab, get in touch. Students can apply to the Neuroscience Graduate Program.

The Lab

Virtual Team Meeting over Zoom, April 2020